Something about writing gets me everytime. Pouring you heart and soul onto a piece of paper or in this case, typing into a text box for anyone who is interested enough to press on this “story”.

Well I’m glad you’re reading. Ambition, something even the bravest and most hardworking humans will deal with and struggle with. Ambition grows, comes and goes in many different ways, and in different times of an individuals life.

You could be six years old and have the ambition of finishing your picture book. You could be eighteen having the ambition to start college off right, and open into a new life, new expierences.

That is what the average person would some up,”ambition,” as. Though they are not wrong, it is more than that. Ambition I believe comes when you’re just about to give up. For me, giving up on writing, I try and try again, the fact is, I have the ambition to write. I try and try to succeed and to someday feel accomplished with my writing, my stories. The ambition is were, though I failed once, I tried again.

Anyone and everyone has ambition, doesn’t matter with what. The fact that you pick yourself back up and try again. That’s ambition. It’s not always about the outcome, but about the long, beautiful process it took you to get to that outcome. That is were the ambition is.